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OdRaDeK was fascinated by the genius idea of one of the most intriguing and eclectic figures out of the always effervescent music realm in ltaly’s boot…




Which music would you like today? You’ll find it on Radio Punz. On the Radio Punz home page you simply choose a color, a channel, and then you listen. These channels are like music blogs that are routinely updated with fresh composed music. Last november 18th 2013 Pier Renzo Ponzo inaugurated this brand-new project that also includes a Music Journal where every day it will be possible to conceive, record, edit, web publish. A concert in progress, growing step by step.

All this it’s coming from no less than…….

the musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, sound inventor, musician-actor and now also a very special radio music editor Piero Ponzo who will present his brand-new as well as in-line-with-the-times invention to the listeners of OdRaDeK along with wonderful – that’s the right word! – music out of his endless music universe.







(English, ltalian and Dutch spoken)

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Pier Renzo Ponzo was born in Cuneo in August 8th, 1960. At the age of 10 he began to play the clarinet in the brass band of his home town of Carrù, Piedmont – Italy, where he still lives. After graduating in clarinet, since 1980 he is active as a concert artist, composer and arranger, sound inventor and musician-actor.

He plays an eclectic variety of instruments – clarinets, saxophones and prepared saxophones, recorders, percussions, self made sound generators, samplers, ethnical instruments, scrap instruments and his own voice – he meanders across the musical landscape, from avant-garde jazz to classical music, from pop to contemporary music, from rock to ethnic and folk music, from funky to original songs.

From 1983 to 2006 he collaborated with Carlo Actis Dato, as part of his world renowned quartet, considered in international reviews as the most original and amusing of the new generation of Italian jazz. Since 1991 Piero Ponzo has worked with Gianmaria Testa, for whom he arranged and directed the albums Montgolfiéres and Altre latitudini. With him he regularly tours in Europe and North America.

From 1991 to 1996, in the team of Emanuele Ruffinengo, he has been creating advertising campaigns and jingles for important Italian radio networks (such as 105 Network & Radio MonteCarlo) and was the arranger for some Italian pop music productions.

Since 1992 he has been active with the folk musical cabaret band Trelilu and their never-ending tour.

He has played with: Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani, Banda Osiris, Enzo Pietropaoli, Philippe Val, Atipico Trio, Actis Furioso, Mitteleuropa Orchestra di Andrea Centazzo, Nexus Orchestra, Gianluigi Trovesi, Riccardo Tesi, Pino Minafra, Elena Roggero, Caesar Stroscio, Emanuel Binet, David Lewis, Philippe Garcia and a lot of other musicians, actors, mime artists, painters and writers.

He works either as a soloist or with groups he founded. Amongst the most recent are:

Electrifié Duo: together with the double bass and electric bass virtuoso Federico Marchesano. Loop Killers: with Federico Marchesano and the french drummer Eríc Groleau. Piero Ponzo & Colleagues: with Roberto Taufic, Filippo Gambetta, Federico Marchesano, Gilson Silveira, Riccardo Serra.

Ponzo can be found on more than fifty recordsand he composed chamber and electro-acoustic music, songs and pop music, music for brass bands, for ballet, for theatre and video, for educational and exhibition.

Piero Ponzo has been a guest at prestigious musical festivals, clubs, radio and video broadcasts in Italy, France, Swizterland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Spain, Martinique, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

Piero Ponzo was the artistic director for the Suoni Virtuosi dal Mondo Festival, organised from 2001 to 2003 by New Creative Energy, and he founded the publishing house Music for People together with Chiara Gallo.


– Guarda Che Luna, 2001-2009, together with Enrico Rava, Banda Osiris, Gianmaria Testa, Stefano Bollani, Enzo Pietropaoli, under the direction of Giorgio Gallione

– L’lsola Sconosciuta, 2001, with Riccardo Tesi, Gianmaria Testa, Carla Signoris, Giuseppe Cederna, based on the tale by Josè Saramago, under the direction of Giorgio Gallione.

– Raccontarsuonando, 2002, compositions for tentet to accompany texts by Carlo Lucarelli, Marco Lodoli, Marco Revelli, Gianni Mura, Gianmaria Testa, Marco Neirotti and Marco Vacchetti.

– Rossintesta, 2004, with Paolo Rossi, Gianmaria Testa, Emanuele Dell’Aquila, Enzo Pietropaoli.

– La Ballata di Myster Barmoon, 2005, the tragedy written by Giannino Balbis, with Michele Rados and Ada Prucca.

– Black Sun & Other Paintings, 2006-08, with Simona Colonna on cello & flute and narration by Marco Vacchetti.

– Le Rovine di Manhur, 2007, the tragedy written by Giannino Balbis, with Michele Rados, Ada Prucca and Diego Tampalini.

– Oscillazioni Libere, 2007, a duet with Marlen Pizzo, improvisations and readings from different authors.

-Mii Sussurrò Mio Padre, 2008, a duet with Debora Manassero, original songs based on Rosa Massari’s texts.

– Nulla Più Entra, 2009, with Debora Manassero, voice, and Fulvia Romeo, narration, from a tale written by Rosa Massari.

– Pierone e il Bue, 2009, with Banda Osiris and Ottavo Richter.

– Polifonie lnformali, 2009, solo performance on iron sculptures made by Enzo Mastrangelo.

… among other and for shows, videos and installations and from 2010 check out Ponzo’s website for recent work and news.

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