Return – or never have left

After the creation of EU, migration between members countries became an invisible fact.
As part of a bigger Unity, their individual stories are hidden under new collective identities.

This project has being realized through the Central Europe Fund. The goal is to analyze the perception of migratory phenomenon in European Union, in relation to a possible return to home regions, for those European who left Central Europe to other cities inside the Union.

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Alessandro Ingaria, journalist and video-maker and Sandro Bozzolo, PhD student in Migration and Intercultural Processes, University of Genoa

Other contributors are Gianmarco Serra, film-maker and writer, Marco Lo Baido, musician and film-editor, and Maria Cecilia Reyes, journalist and video-maker.

The original music is realized by AHQ
The art stencil is realized by Matteo E1kel Buratto

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