GROW , GROW , GROW – yourself

They say people are like plants, in a sense we are living organisms, feeding, enjoying the sun, photosynthesizing happiness from it. We, as the plants,  have an origin or roots, a continuation and an extension (we belong, we set our grounds, we grow).

And that need of belonging with the imperative of growth is what I am most concerned with in adult life. How can we be rooted but also evolve, move but also feel still and safe? I think we need to accept the totality of the fact: growing is sometimes painful and uncomfortable.
I’ve been traveling in the last six years, I’ve been living in 3 different countries, excepting my country of birth, I have lived in 9 different rentals during this time and I have dated five people.

It might not sound like a lot but it feels like a lot, all those times starting over, all those times feeling like a complete outsider, having to reconstruct, the simple notion of where to do your grocery shopping becomes a Columbus type discovery. However in my run across various cultures and places I have always felt motivated ironically enough by the need to belong  and find a place of my own , grow roots in fertile soil, in time I have come to accept that it’s not where you stand but how the light hits you.

That’s all that matters, you and how you see, feel yourself, I had hardships like everyone else but I didn’t let those hardships get in the way of growing  new roots or just growing and if I had to choose, I’d do it all over again. I am conscientiously choosing to grow even if I know that sometimes it implies suffering, I am more comfortable knowing I tried.

grow grow grow

Place: Airport of lifeTime: 12.15 p.m.
Flight to: Your Future
Soundtrack: The Universal Blur

  • Do you have luggage ?
  • I have baggage, three suitcases over the limit.
  • That will cost you extra, here at Life Companies  we have a policy of one luggage per person.
  • I know… So how much will  that be ?
  • A year of suffering, crying and confusion. That no man ever love you for long enough, that you may not be able to feel you belong.
  • Ok,
  • Do you still want to take this flight ?
  • Do I have any choice ?
  • There is a flight leaving in exactly one year to the same destination.
  • So I can postpone my year of suffering, crying and confusion next year ?
  • Yes. That is correct.
  • I would really like to be there by next year so I’ll take it now and pay the price.
  • Window or aisle ?
  • Window, I like to see the sceneries  from above.
  • Here you go, your ticket. Thank you for flying with us, it will be an unforgettable experience.
  • Thank you .

[Roxana Olaru]

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