The virtues of being naked

I eat to be fed, I drink not to thirst and I sleep with the great enjoyment of someone lost on their way, weary of the everyday choices I have to make.

This rhythm of life makes it easy to forget our true nature, the way we feel before the starry sky of a summer night or when the waves crash against the shore of an empty beach. Nature is great and in this greatness can one find the closeness to that side on which time has no impact, nor habits, nor what we become when we start dressing the suit of maturity.

We are one with nature, nature is in our blood, in our eyes and on our skin, in every cell that grows to mature and dissipate, in the warm breathe that starts in our chests and in the heartbeat that measures unknowingly the working of our whole body.


I started thinking that part of the enchantment of being with someone, making love, is undressing of our suits, our clothes and forcibly our mental ones, the garments we chose to use to cover us and be a clear symbol of what we have become. Clothes are a cover up of our nature, an invention, and sometimes it’s good to remember to get naked in our own company just so we can remember how free we truly are, at peace, a vessel of life.

I advice an exercise for all those suffocated by the rhythm of their lives, this mechanical rhythm that personally we didn’t choose: go back to the nature for a few minutes a day, a week, a month, UNDRESS, be naked for a short while, lose your clothes, walk around and enjoy the privacy of being your own natural self, with no shame, no memory, no innuendos.┬áBe free, undress, claim back yourself.

Nudity is all nature, no frills, no extras and no expectations.

So enjoy this lost part of yourself whenever you can , feel the magic of being and ignore mirrors, they can only show you what you can see.

[Roxana Olaru]

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