Weird therapies I’d go for

Laughter therapy
If I could have one special power in the whole wide world I would choose making everyone laugh, including myself! I can’t imagine anything more freeing than unleashing a torrent of healthy laughter , jaw blocking, tear dropping, crazy laughter.
So bring it on, let’s all laugh for a half an hour and forget our sorrow !
What these sessions generally consist is half an hour of forced or natural laughter in order to help with the overall well being of the person. It has been used in treating cancer patients and it involves dressing up, saying things but mainly just repeating the sounds of laughter as it seems that the simple usage of our face muscles and mimicking laugher fools the brain into believing we are actually having a great time and in the end, who’s to say we’re not?

Water therapy
For some reason there is a buzz about drinking four glasses of water in the morning and that will improve health and overall well being, they say in Japan people do this and that explains the longevity of its people. They say also hot water is preferred to cold one, I wouldn’t mind doing it for a few days, after all I’m sure that drinking water is a pretty good thing and without excessive use no harm can come out of it. So gulp, gulp, gulp!

Why wouldn’t I want to get the most amazing massage and relaxation as a way to de-stress and feel lighter? What I like about Shiatsu is that it uses palm pressure and finger pressure to relieve tension and anything that involves massage as a main way of curing or preventing diseases is an amazing one for a lazy person such as myself.

I’d definitely try art therapy but customized with a good portion of playing just like in the good old times. I see nothing wrong with reviving the inner child, splattering colors on a wall or painting with my fingers, singing off key the national anthem of a far off country or climbing a tree and there’s a very long list to keep many of us busy for hours and hours. The simple joys are therapeutic, sometimes we just need approval to allow ourselves to follow them through with no shame.


3 days Juice Therapy
There is a controversy on whether natural juices on any extent of time help you to really lose weight, improve health, get rid of acne and give shine to dull hair. However regardless of all the mixed press, I still would like to go on a three day juice diet just to get the feel of what it is to feed on liquids alone, more of a self test than anything else and also because fruit and vegetables are good for you and I’m pretty sure they have a lot of vitamins and goodness to give to your body, no matter what other side effect that might have. I don’t see but positives on the short term juice drinking

Destroy/rebuild therapy
As a grand finale I want to propose my own weird therapy. I think sometimes, destroying things is a good if not healthy thing, doing that in a controlled environment where you could not harm yourself would be amazing. But let’s not forget after taking the anger out and making peace there is also a moment of rebuilding or creation. So bring on the sledgehammer and let’s make a robot with that broken PC. After all the Greeks do it, why shouldn’t we.

[Roxana Olaru]

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